The Cuisine

The cuisine served at Restaurant Il Geranio is inspired by the great Mediterranean and Neapolitan gastronomic traditions, with the exception of a number of superb International specialities.
The menus vary according to the season so as to offer dishes prepared using only the freshest and most genuine of ingredients.
Olive oil, garlic, and chilli pepper, ingredients which have come to symbolise Neapolitan cuisine, exalt the flavours of the fresh fish, seafood, meat, and vegetables used in culinary creations which never fail to tantalise the taste-buds.

  • Ristorante Il Geranio Capri
  • Il Geranio Capri Ristorante Cucina
  • Il Geranio Ristorante Capri

The cellar houses a great number of white and red wines from the Campania region's most highly acclaimed wine producers, as well as an excellent selection of Italian and International wines.

The courtesy and professionalism of the staff further ensure that the time passed on Capri at the Geranio Restaurant is truly memorable.

Restaurant Il Geranio Capri Island